David Raven is a native Iowan who has been painting and exhibiting for over 50 years. Starting as an abstract expressionist in the 1960’s, he has evolved toward more representational imagery. With the exception of some brief departures, David continues to paint landscapes and still life exclusively in oil. More recently, he has moved in the direction of surrealism— influenced significantly by artists like Rene Magritte, the very inventive Belgian painter.


Much of David’s focus in painting is a reflection of his fascination with light and tonal range— which are the hallmarks of visual depth in art. Most of his paintings begin with a monochromatic color drawing, and are eventually crafted into full color renderings. An early interest in black and white photography had much to do with modeling objects in space, and ultimately creating in paint an atmosphere that could be “walked into” and visually experienced.


An American Artist of  Diversity & Play

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