• Flight/Movement Series  +

    Concepted and designed purely with objects of flight in mind. Birds and airplanes, gliders and rockets. Anything engineered to fly. Completed paintings were sometimes clamped together to form multiples, and eventually evolved into larger square canvases that were known as the Quad Flight Series. This limited series of acrylic paintings vacillated between using traditional earth-colored palettes, and rich, electric-industrial color.

  • Immoderation Series   +

    This group of paintings began in 1973. Based on the circle square format of the Flight Series, this group of paintings related somewhat to what could be described as “calligraphic modulation”. Brush strokes that were akin to the venerable calligraphic designers that the artist met and admired in South Korea and Japan.

  • Indulgence Series  +

    A small sampling of a group of paintings based on hand-made noodle machines the artist first saw (and photographed) while living in South Korea. Most canvases were neutral in color, sometimes accented by a few bands of brighter hues. All were rendered in acrylic, with long periods of masking to achieve each crisp individual band. The overall effect was of precision, and several were purchased by technology companies like Sperry Rand/ Unisys Corp.

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